Making Pictures is an online publication I started in January 2022. It consists of articles and essays about photography, psychology and how the two overlap and mix inside the Picture Maker's spirit.
“I know that my photographs are influenced by photographers, painters, and writers of the past. They are also informed by my genetics, physical type, mental skills, perhaps even my astrological configuration. They are certainly affected by my upbringing, the culture of my youth and the culture of the present. They are affected by my economic status and my social relations, and by my psychological, spiritual, and aesthetic thrusts. My political point of view influences my work. Finally, the fact that all of these factors–as well as the many more that I am not aware of–are in constant flux makes it perfectly clear that I’ll never figure the damn thing out. Nor do I want to. What I can do as an artist is to accept, and if possible even embrace the fact that the puzzle is infinite; to continue to work in a craft over a period of time and to assume that a true voice will emerge. The freedom that comes from this understanding is thrilling.”— Teaching Photography: Notes Assembled by Philip Perkis

The publication is available in both English (red box) and Italian (green box). You can subscribe by putting your email in on of the boxes below.