I’m a photographer interested in
humans and psychological realities.

I research the representation of mental health, both as an individual perception and in its sociocultural development.
I’m working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychosocial Studies. I write Making Pictures.
You can reach me here: info@florianariccio.com.

La timidezza delle chiome (Crown Shyness)
A park is a public area that features trees, paths, and benches. It can serve as a garden, playground, or a place for people to congregate.

However, a park can also be seen as a psychological space that encourages social connections and the development of new meanings. By providing a space for community members to come together, parks can foster a sense of empowerment and contribute to community growth.
This work is the outcome of a collaborative five-day artist residency at Villa Angaran San Giuseppe/Atelier F, in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) during the summer of 2023.

I focused on exploring the newly renovated green space called Parco Nord, an urban forest still growing. With the help of the people who live, work and visit Villa Angaran, I collected visual traces in the form of colors, light and energy of this new community experience.

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