La timidezza delle chiome (Crown Shyness)

A park is a public area that features trees, paths, and benches. It can serve as a garden, playground, or a place for people to congregate.

However, a park can also be seen as a psychological space that encourages social connections and the development of new meanings. By providing a space for community members to come together, parks can foster a sense of empowerment and contribute to community growth.

Social interactions increasingly live within the boundaries of one’s private sphere. This trend leads to a privatization of spaces, a distancing from the public sphere.

Community cannot be artificially produced. It can be facilitated but cannot be separated from the people who are part of it.*

*Francescato, Tomai, Ghirelli. Fondamenti di psicologia di comunità. Carocci Editore, 2022.

This work is the outcome of a collaborative five-day artist residency at Villa Angaran San Giuseppe/Atelier F, in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) during the summer of 2023. We explored the newly renovated green space called Parco Nord, an urban forest still growing. With the help of the people who live, work and visit Villa Angaran, I collected visual traces in the form of colors, light and energy of this new community experience.

Collective acts and imaginaries detached from everyday action: a spark of cultural creativity. Sharing space is a conversation: conflict and cooperation combine to make plants, animals, microorganisms and humans a forest.

“La timidezza delle chiome” (Crown Shyness) is a particular phenomenon that shapes the crowns of some trees so that they do not touch each other. 
This work is one-third of a project by Collettivo Genet hosted by Villa Angaran San Giuseppe / Atelier F from July 29 to August 2, 2023.

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